Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tiny Garden Design

The existence of the park not only serves to beautify the look of the house. Park should also be a stress reliever for the owner. It is apparently also realized by garden designer Kate Gould.

As quoted in Theguardian.com, park function for homeowners is the first thing that is asked Gould to his client.

Most people want to be a tiny garden to relax at the end of the day. Some want to use a tiny garden for cooking, or welcome guests. Some of them wanted his garden into a children's playground. According to Gould, whatever function desired by the client gardens, it is a starting point to begin designing the park.

Once knowing the function of the park, Gould will use the techniques he learned long. According to the designer, he never got the advice to use large tiles in a small bathroom. Large ceramic wall and floor as uniting to make the final result bathroom feel cramped together and not impressed. It can be applied in the parks.

Size determines

"I've been told that spells designs for small bathrooms is to use a large ceramic wall and floor to unite. This makes the end effect was not narrow. Ethos The same can be applied in a small garden. Setting big land, restrictions fused, pots, fountains and garden ornaments are comparable with the size of the furniture and the floor area to make the park more attractive and feel more spacious, "said Gould.

"Hiding" the park
Differ from those of Gould, apparently there is another opinion which revealed that one of the ways to make the park feel more spacious is to make "hidden". Landscape designer Louis Raymond mengataka, homeowners can "hide" his garden to make the park as wider. Hiding the park can be done by using a fence. Furthermore, tea plant-tehan also you can use.

provide line

On the other hand, as quoted in Dwell, the fence in the park and a vertical trail can also provide perspective and make the room feel longer.

"You do not get to see the whole park from one point of view. You are not sure where the (park) ends, so the garden seem bigger than it really is," said Raymond.

Provide bright colors

So, you could start by making sure the size of the items in the garden sized "fit" or "hide" the park. After that, choose the right plants.

According to Raymond, if you choose more than leaves of plants of flowers, gardens cared less. Meanwhile, the plants flower more or less have contributed to make the park feel more spacious. According to Gould, the bright colors make the garden feel more spacious. It's just more difficult to maintain bright colors.

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