Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Graceful and Romantic French Garden

French Garden

The beauty of French gardens are so iconic and phrases le jardin a la francaise had started as a graceful image of the various parks in the romantic country. As quoted Gardenista, everyone would have seen the gardens of Versailles. If you have not visited, at least you must have watched this garden through photographs and films.

However, not everyone knows that the beauty of the French-style garden that can "take home". The first way to bring the beauty of existing parks in France is making a garden area or outdoor area looks from inside your home.

In France, the bourgeois in his time could stare at the expanse of plants in the garden of magnitude. In the meantime, if you live in an apartment, you can also carry similar shades by placing the pots in the window.

Sure, it be great if you have a garden. You can plant many flowering plants in your garden. Only, make sure the garden looks of your favorite room in the house.

Secondly, orient your garden around architecture, not in the surrounding landscape. For example, to cultivate vines in the wall of the house. You have to make sure, that the plants do not close the window and disturbing view from inside the house.

Third, try to love and practice the symmetrical arrangement. This has been practiced in the gardens of France and the results are extraordinarily beautiful. Visually, the symmetrical arrangement makes the garden look nice.

You can also use a geometric pattern to set the park. For example, cut and trim the outer area of grass in your garden to form perfect squares. You can also shape it curved, or even triangular compound. Make sure you make your garden really looks orderly.

Presumably, that's the key to the beauty of French garden that looks elegant. You tinggaal add the element iron into the park. You can also put the iron table, iron pot, or use a watering can of iron.

One more key that you can "steal" from the French-style garden. If you want to create a special garden, try growing topiary. Cut the plants with the shape as you like.

Finally, provide a small fountain or small pond. This feature makes your garden seems to have a mirror and give the illusion of infinite space.

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